Our rich experience in stamping sheet metal goes back as far as 1980. That year, Dušan Pogačnik started a part-time craft activity, hiring a small workshop near the town of Kranj, under the name Elektromehanika, Dušan Pogačnik s.p. . Those times were difficult for new businesses. One had to find customers, buy machines and materials, pay the rent, keep the books, and most of all, to work. Nights without sleep and hands with blisters were Dušan’s frequent companions in those days, but no barriers were too high for the resolute entrepreneur.

In 1987, Dušan arranged a bigger and better equipped workshop in the cellar of his new family house at Mošnje, near Radovljica. In 1991, the year of Slovenian independence, he established CoMetal d.o.o. in a newly built commercial building at Spodnji otok, near Radovljica, not far from his home. The growing business required additional resources, and soon the enterprise employed around 10 staff.

Today, CoMetal is based and has its production facilities in Kamna Gorica, where it moved in 2005. New offices, a spacious production building, a warehouse and a parking lot provide all the necessary facilities for the staff of 15. The work is organised in two shifts, and when there is a surge in orders three shifts can be implemented.